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"Volume Two" to be released in Sweden April 20 through Sound Pollution!!

Mountain Of Power – the second 70s tribute out in Sweden in April!

In February the second of Overdrive/Constancia/Locomotive Breath guitarist Janne Stark’s tributes to the seventies was released in the US on Grooveyard Records and now a distribution deal has been set with Sound Pollution in Sweden. “Vol 1” was released in 2006 and featured covers of bands like Budgie, Moxy, Point Blank, Stray Dog, Captain Beyond, Goddo etc., featuring Swedish guests only. On the second album, simply entitled “Volume Two”, Janne has widened the guest invitations quite a bit, both in rank and nationality. The drums are for the most part handled by TrumPeter Svensson (Faith/Constancia).
It is indeed a nice list of guests on this album, where you’ll find Europe’s John Norum showing his love for Frank Marino in a guitar-overdriven cover of “Talkin’ Bout A Feeling”, Point Blank’s Rusty Burns helping pay tribute to the late Jakson Spires in a cover of Blackfoot’s “I Stand Alone” and Rufus Huff boys Greg Martin and Jarrod England help make a really hot cover of Trapeze’s “Monkey”, a tribute to the late Mel Galley.

- I really wanted for each song to get the perfect musical ingredients and I did my best to try and find singers and fellow guitarists that would match the sounds I was looking for. I must say I’m extremely happy with the result. On this one I took care of all rhythm guitars and bass myself, besides soloing here and there of course, says Janne

The album was mixed by Pelle Saether and mastered by Ty Tabor.

Urban Guerilla (Sammy Hagar) feat. Cindy Weichman (Nail/Helix), Joe Romagnola (Character), Jay Jesse Johnson
Checking It Out/Sister Madness (Ozz) feat. Paul Shortino
Makin’ Magic/Makes No Difference (Pat Travers) feat. Mikael Nord Andersson, Jay Jesse Johnson
Reasons Love/This Kids (UFO) feat. Martin J Andersen (Blindstone), Sven Cirnski (Bad Habit/Truth)
Talkin’ ‘Bout A Feeling (Mahogany Rush) feat. John Norum, Martin J Andersen, Thomas Juneor Andersson
Monkey (Trapeze) feat. Jarrod England and Greg Martin (Rufus Huff)
Bedroom Thang (ZZ Top) feat. Clas Yngström (Sky High), Mikael Nord Andersson
Deadly Weapon (Trigger) feat. Martin J Andersen
Struck Down/25 Hours A Day (Y&T) feat. Mikael Nord Andersen, Joe Romagnola, James Collins (Pod)
Money (Leslie West Band) feat. Kjell Bergendahl (Thalamus), James Collins
Bad Penny/Keychain (Rory Gallagher) feat. Conny Bloom (Electric Boys), Pontus Snibb (Bonafide), Mikael Nord Andersson
Waves (Resurrection Band) feat. Ty Tabor (King’s X), Christian Liljegren (Audiovision, ex-Narnia), James Collins, Maria Rådsten (One More Time)
Indian Dawn/(Hellcat) (Electric Sun/Scorpions) feat. David Fremberg (Andromeda/Constancia), Sven Cirnski, Thomas Larsson
I Stand Alone (Blackfoot) feat. Mattias Osbäck (Locomotive Breath), Per Karlsson (Overdrive), Rusty Burns (Point Blank), Craig Erickson, Tommy Denander

- My aim is to do covers of bands I grew up with and was inspired by, plus I’m going for songs that have rarely or never been covered before. There are also some dedications to people I had the pleasure of being in touch with or meet. One being Mel Galley, whom I contacted asking if he was ok with me doing a cover of a Trapeze track. He was all for it and suggested I’d do “Monkey”. We mailed a bit back and forth and shortly after he went public with his terminal cancer. I originally wanted Glenn Hughes to sing it, but it fell through for various reasons and instead Jarrod England from Rufus Huff did it amazingly!

News and some tasters from the forthcoming album will soon be found on www.myspace.com/mountainofpower The CD, a great looking 6-panel digi-pack, can be ordered directly from Grooveyard Records (www.grooveyardrecords.com ) For contact regarding interviews etc., please e-mail promo@mountainofpower.com

Mountain of Power